Animal Collective’s Avey Tare Contributes New Song to Compilation of Cooking Songs: Listen


A new “auditory cookbook” from the record label Spinster is out today, featuring new songs from Animal Collective’s Avey Tare, Michael Hurley, Kikagaku Moyo’s Bells, and Magic Tuber Stringband, among others. Listen to Measure, Pour & Mixtape: Music for Cooking , including Avey Tare’s “Tabbouleh,” below.

The label said it “envisioned an auditory cookbook of songs, poems, field recordings, and aural experiments, inspired by recipes, food preparation processes, dishes, and the experience of eating.” In the end, the record “deepened and expanded our original vision, mixing, cooking, and baking together in a hearty, warm, and inventive aural menu for the most nourishing of communal meals.”

Avey Tare released his latest solo album, 7s, earlier this year. Animal Collective later shared Isn’t It Now?