How to get verified on Amazon Music for Artists


Just like Spotify and Apple Music, you can claim your artist profile on the Amazon Music for Artists web page. This analytics tool is also available as an app on iOS and Android devices.

We’re helping you get fast-tracked, so it’s simple:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Open the app
  3. Be sure to fill out ALL fields on the verification page, including “Company” (if you don’t have a separate record company or management company name, just put your band or artist name in this field)
  4. Select CD Baby as your distributor
  5. Claim your artist

Once you’re verified you can view data on your music’s performance across Amazon Music — which now boasts about 55 million users across its various tiers. The usual stats are there in the app: stream counts, near-real-time activity data, geographic info about your audience, playlist traction, and more.

But two of the most interesting features actually relate to voice assistance and physical media.

View Amazon Music analytics such as Alexa activity

The standout aspect of Amazon Music for Artists is called the “Daily Voice Index.” It tells you how many times over the past seven days Alexa helped someone find your music, either by searching for:

  • Song title
  • Album name
  • Artist name
  • Or lyrics

That last one is huge! Think about how many times you’ve tried to identify a song based on just a few words you remembered from the chorus. Now you can ask Alexa — and so can people who want to find YOUR music.

Amazon is sourcing lyrics from both LyricFind and MusixMatch, so if you’ve already synced your lyrics in MusixMatch you’ll be all set.

The Daily Voice Index also ranks your music’ performance on a spectrum from “Cool,” “Warm,” “Hot,” to “on Fire,” depending on how your Alexa engagement compares to the median of artists with similar-sized audiences. You can use this info to see how your marketing campaigns are performing, specifically as they relate to Alexa.

Integrate your Twitch channel on Amazon Music

Owners and admins of claimed artist accounts on Amazon Music can now link to that artist’s Twitch channel in Amazon Music for Artists. Here’s how to link your artist page on Twitch:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Amazon Music for Artists app
  2. Log in to Amazon Music for Artists
  3. Click on Profile within your artist account
  4. Select Connect your Twitch Channel
  5. If you do not have a Twitch account, click About and Get Started with Twitch to create one or go directly to

If there are any other team members who are currently Viewers you can change their role type to Admin by clicking Settings, then Manage Team within the app.

A deeper understanding of your audience on Amazon Music

Another thing that’s interesting about Amazon Music for Artists is how it segments your fan data into two groups: “fans” and “superfans.”

Fans account for 50+% of your streaming activity on Amazon Music.

Superfans are a smaller, more active group that drive 33+% of your streams on the platform.

Fans and superfans on Amazon Music are people that have:

  • streamed your music more than the average listener
  • added your songs to their personal playlist/library
  • followed you on Amazon Music
  • or purchased something

Purchased something — meaning downloads, CDs, or vinyl.

On Amazon.

Think about that!

A powerful bridge between digital music and physical media

Amazon is the undisputed giant of online retail, and if you distribute your CDs or vinyl through CD Baby, your physical product is already ON Amazon. While Amazon Music for Artists currently only includes physical sales metrics as a component of its fan segmentation process, it’s possible that this analytics tool will one day soon give you a single place to see how your music is performing across all of Amazon, from streaming engagement to physical sales.

Together, Amazon and Amazon Music could constitute a single platform for merch sales, hi-def streaming (at home and on-the-go), playlisting, voice assistance, lyrics and other forms of enhanced content, audience engagement, and much more.

While other streaming platforms have captured most of the industry’s attention over the past few years, Amazon is about to change the conversation. They have vast resources and they’re investing a lot into making Amazon Music a success. Plus, they have the power of Prime, Alexa, and both digital music and physical retail on their side.

Claim your artist profile in Amazon Music for Artists!

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