Minor Threat Announce New EP Out of Step Outtakes


Minor Threat have announced Out of Step Outtakes, a new three-song EP of recordings from the same sessions that spawned 1983’s Out of Step, the band’s third and final EP before breaking up. It was mixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara to celebrate the original EP’s 40th anniversary. Out of Step Outtakes is out both digitally and on clear 7″ vinyl on December 1 via Dischord.

In January 1983, Minor Threat booked their first studio session as a five-piece band, with Brian Baker switching to second guitar and Steve Hansgen picking up bass, at Inner Ear Studio. In addition to recording six new songs that would become Out of Step, Minor Threat re-recorded 1981’s “In My Eyes” and “Filler” with two guitars. They also tracked an instrumental number called “Addams Family.” The latter was used as a coda to vinyl-only bonus track “Cashing In,” but the others were, according to the Out of Step Outtakes pre-order description, “never mixed and largely forgotten for over 35 years until the multitrack tapes were taken into the studio to be digitized in 2021.”

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Out of Step Outtakes EP:

01 In My Eyes (Out of Step Outtake)
02 Filler (Out of Step Outtake)
03 Addams Family (Out of Step Outtake)

Minor Threat Announce New EP Out of Step Outtakes