Watch Belle and Sebastian’s Appearance on The Simpsons


Last night’s episode of The Simpsons took place in Scotland, and it featured an appearance from beloved Scottish institution Belle and Sebastian. The episode is about Groundskeeper Willie being kidnapped and hauled to Scotland; the Simpsons family follows him there. The band plays “If You Find Yourself Caught In Love” from Dear Catastrophe Waitress in Willie’s honor. Watch it happen below.

In addition to Belle and Sebastian, the new episode features appearances from actors David Tennant, Karen Gillan, and Paul Higgins. Lizzo appeared on a Simpsons episode earlier this year. Other recent musicians to cameo on the show including Billie Eilish, the Weeknd, Bad Bunny, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s character that seemed awfully similar to Morrissey.

Belle and Sebastian recently rescheduled their previously canceled tour for 2024. They’re performing behind their two most recent albums, Late Developers and A Bit of Previous.